Humanity for Palestine is a project founded by the Human Act Foundation headquartered in Copenhagen. We aim to create a global movement and uprising for Palestine in support of their right for freedom, justice and equality.

We want to lead by example. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of the Palestinian people, and just like them, we do not believe in giving up.

We are a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organisation. We are committed to inclusivity for everyone.

Since the end of 2018, the Human Act Foundation gathered a group of Palestinians, activists, journalists, and scholars to initiate a global uprising together.

Humanity for Palestine wants to gather every single person, organisation, institution and government, who stands for humanity to support the freedom of Palestinians. Join us.

Djaffar Shalchi


Djaffar Shalchi which also founded Human act foundation with his wife, wishes to make a difference in the life of millions of people living in extreme poverty. Out of the wishes to help impoverished and people humans in conflict, he drafted and initiated the idea for Humanity For Palestine in late 2018.

Djaffar is an accomplished entrepreneur in the property development business and at the forefront of philanthropic activities focusing on ending extreme poverty. After successfully building up many property companies, Djaffar decided to dedicate the majority of his time and fortune to eradicate extreme poverty.

Raymi Anselmo

Project Manager

Raymi is born in Sweden, but has lived in Denmark for 8 years. He started within the company as a Construction Manager five years ago. A few years later, in 2016, the foundation Human Act was founded by Djaffar Shalchi. Raymi then changed position to Project Manager and is mainly giving his focus to the Project Humanity for Palestine. He is also the current Maintenance Manager and Project Manager within the concern.

Raymi has always been a humanitarian and has lived in various countries. He travelled a lot during his younger years, and would always help out where he could. He is now fighting the good cause from behind the desk.

Bilal Al-Issa

Project Manager and Political Advisor.

Bilal has Palestinian roots, and has been raised in Denmark. He studied International Business Communication and Arabic in University of Southern Denmark, is a former member of an advisory board under the Danish Ministry of Culture, and former Project consultant at The Danish House in Palestine. Bilal is today a currently board member of the Danish House in Palestine where he has been involved with since 2013.

Bilal has also been at Silkeborg Folk Highschool, where he was teaching the students in “Palestine Explorer”, where he taught about history, economics, culture and politics in Palestine and ending the course with a study trip for the students.

Media, Events and Fundraising team

We are working alongside a strong team of consultants who are specialized in their field of work to optimise and grow our movement.