“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke.



The Palestinian crisis is known to be in the media and public by periodic-based attention. What do we mean? You will most likely only hear about Palestine in the mainstream news when there is a war, an escalation or a political disparity.

But we want to remind the world, that the attention given to a problem, does not define the magnitude of the problem. When the news stations switch off and when the parliament members lay their heads to sleep– the sufferings continue.

The Palestinian people do not have a fair narrative at life. Their ability to continue to exist in a genocide enforced environment requires resilience and Global support. The killing and robbing of the Palestinians’ lives and freedom must stop. We believe that silence is not an option. We stand for the freedom of the Palestinians, as well as the freedom of the rest of the world. Our freedom to come forth and speak the truth of what is happening in our humanity.



We want the support for Palestine to be autonomous. Starting in summer 2019, we will arrange walks and events, to support the ongoing awareness and pressure decision-makers in the world to win humanity back for the Palestinian people. We welcome you to join our walks and to create your own #humanity4palestine walks!