Holistic Healing for Child Prisoner in Palestine

Catharsis is a project that aims to provide tools to help former and existing child prisoners alleviate their traumas. The project mainly focuses on girls aged 10-18. Activities include yoga, active meditation, drama sessions and art therapy.

The World Health Organizations says that one-third of children aged 9-18 suffered an average of 4 traumatic events and significant post-traumatic stress reactions. These numbers are higher for girls and mothers.


The project also works with the mothers and the families of these children to help them understand what their children are going through and how they can support them. Catharsis provides families with the coping skills and tools they need to help their children heal their trauma and build healthier families.


Humanity 4 Palestine will support Catharsis in providing support to around 90 Palestinian former child prisoners in Ramallah, Jerusalem and Hebron.