Autism Superhero


The organization aims to create more possibilities for autistic children through education, creative activities and workshops for parents, to educate them about how to engage with their children and learn more about autism, its tendencies and challenges.

Autism Superhero was founded by four mothers of children with autism who had a vision to change the way Palestinian society viewed autistic children and individuals. Their first goal was to create a group chat and reach out to mothers who needed help with their autistic children. At first, they only exchanged expertise, stories, and advice. We met many mothers in Palestine who receive no type of assistance, neither financially nor simple educational awareness on how to handle and deal with their autistic children. Many parents do not feel comfortable and are shy to speak up about their kids’ condition because in Palestinian society it’s shameful to speak proudly about a child with special needs.

Parents have problems finding specialists that could give them an accurate diagnosis and when this happens, they are advised to take their children to autism centers that claim to have specialists. Parents pay around 50$ for a 45min visit in these centers and do not get the attention needed in terms of physical, speech, and occupational therapy, plus other services. Also, autistic children in Palestine have no right to education nor to attend school unless parents are willing to pay around 300$ monthly for a shadow teacher that usually has no expertise in that field and is only working as a babysitter to watch the child who receives no type of special education what so ever. Considering the economic difficulties families face in Palestine, many children are deprived of their right to education for these reasons. In addition, kids with autism are not listed among individuals with special needs in the Palestinian healthcare system. Therefore, Autism Superhero Palestine decided to speak up!

They are also currently working on creating the first statistic report on the number of kids diagnosed with autism in Palestine.

Humanity 4 Palestine aims to support the organization and the mothers in providing creative projects for their children and raising awareness about autism.