Mission statement


”We’re walking for a free Palestine and freedom for the Palestinian people.

We’re walking to unite everyone who stands for human rights.

We demand freedom, justice and equality for all.”


Our mission

The blockade will soon make Gaza uninhabitable through its restrictions of movement. We need to break down the blockade and open the border before it’s too late.

We’re organising the biggest global walk for Palestine ever and we need your help to reach our goal: to bring to Palestine the same freedom of movement we enjoy in other countries.



Because there is no freedom in Palestine, and no freedom for the Palestinian people.
We can walk freely in our own country, and between countries without restrictions. We can work and live where we want. We can meet our family and friends when we feel like it. We can rely on social services when we need them. We can sleep soundly knowing we’ll be able to meet our basic needs for food, drink and shelter in the morning.


We’re walking to exercise our basic human rights, and to bring them to Palestine.


What rights?

Freedom of movement.

Mobility rights, or the right to travel, is a human-rights concept encompassing the right of individuals to travel from place to place within the territory of a country, and to leave the country and return to it.


Freedom of movement

This is an important part of the Walk for Palestine ide, encouraging tolerance and understanding among people of different cultures and backgrounds. Freedom of movement can help to break down harmful stereotypes and prejudices. It can also help to build solidarity between people and governments in different countries.


What prevents these rights?

The blockade and occupation of Palestinian territory.


Gaza is accelerating towards a point where it is not only under the constant threat of war, but it is also becoming uninhabitable for humans. Not because of natural causes or pollution, but because of a blockade that prevents the free movement of:



Economic resources- goods, labour, services and capital


Why is this cause urgent?

There are many global causes demanding engagement, and many global problems demanding urgent solutions. But Palestine can’t wait any longer. The conflict has been going on for many years, and it seems to be neverending. But time is running out for the people in the occupied Palestinian territory.


  • The blockade has turned Gaza into a prison
  • A UN-report warns that Gaza will be Uninhabitable by 2020
  • Restriction of freedom of movement for Palestinians