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What a line up for the ‘Humanity For Palestine’ event ‘Freedom Sounds’.  Firstly, salute to all the people involved for organising such a powerful event which raised money for multiple organisations working to end the occupation of Palestine. The line-up consisted of Dead Prez, Havoc, Lowkey and 47Soul. I mean that’s a faction you’d put up against D Generation X in the Attitude Era (Wrestling fans would get that reference!) I have to shout out family too. It’s such a blessing to see I am Hip Hop family  Apex Zero filming, Nadia Otshudi taking photos, Dj Snuff on the decks and Mas law jumping on for a bit of hosting.

Freedom Sounds exemplified the power Hip-Hop has to unify, educate, empower and entertain.

Together that night we were the voice for the voiceless, the voice of resistance against corporations that profit from the occupation, against the media that does not report the truth, we were the voice for Palestine. Hip Hop was alive, fighting for freedom and standing tall for the people of Palestine.

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Humanity 4 Palestine Launches ‘Freedom Sounds’ in London to Benefit Projects for Palestinian Children Mon, 05 Aug 2019 14:13:43 +0000 Read More...

One-of-a-kind event to feature Dead Prez, Havoc of the Infamous Mobb Deep, Big Noyd, Lowkey, DJ Snuff and 47SOUL;

July 31st, 2019: A study released by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) disclosed a sharp rise in the number of Palestinian children killed by Israeli military forces. Fifty-seven children were killed in 2018, as compared to 15 in 2017.

The study revealed that in 2017, 14% of the children in the West Bank and 53% in the Gaza Strip live in overwhelming poverty.  A significant increase since 2011 where 8% in the West Bank and 22% in the Gaza Strip lived in poverty.

Humanity 4 Palestine, a project founded by the Human Act Foundation and headquartered in Copenhagen, is looking to break the silence about the injustices and daily struggles that has been neglected for decades.

On August 16th at the Electric Brixton, Humanity 4 Palestine will hold a benefit concert, which will raise funds to support projects for children in Palestine. These projects include providing medical aid, clean water, and supporting child prisoners recovering from trauma in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The concert will show case for the first time the new release of a single by Lowkey and 47 Soul, which they will perform for the first time, and the video clip for the song will be filmed at the event.

With their second album, Balfron Promise, released in 2017, 47SOUL’s collaboration with Lowkey is highly anticipated cementing both artists’ politically conscious and justice-driven agenda.

“Israeli oppression and occupation are no longer a stranger to the youth of the world. We think that our music is the soundtrack of resisting them. We are super excited about this concert especially since the funds raised will directly and positively change the lives of Palestinian kids.” said Tareq Abu Kwaik (aka El Far3i).

47Soul is a Palestinian electronic band who are one of the leading forces behind the Shamstep electronic dance music movement in the Middle East.

One half of the US based Hip Hop Group Dead Prez, M1 traveled to Gaza in 2009 on the Viva Palestina convoy along with the organization Existence is Resistance which later took him to 48 territories and the West Bank. In 2010  he conducted hip hop workshops in the refugee camps in Palestine. Upon returning from Gaza, M1 conducted his own speaking tour entitled ‘From the Ghetto to Gaza’.

Humanity 4 Palestine aims to create a global movement and uprising for Palestine. The organization wants to gather people, governments, non-governmental organizations and institutions who stands for humanity to support the freedom of Palestine and its people.

Humanity 4 Palestine

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Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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About Lowkey:

Lowkey is a British-Iraqi Hip-hop artist, campaigner and playwright who has appeared on BBC TV and Radio, Channel 4, ITV, Al Jazeera, MTV BASE, SBTV and Novara Media. He has written for the Guardian and Ceasefire Magazine. His critically acclaimed music has received millions of streams on Spotify, sold over 25 thousand albums digitally and garnered over 45 million YouTube views. His independently released album Soundtrack to the Struggle (2011) charted #6 in the UK RnB chart, #9 in the UK Indie chart, #14 in the UK Download chart and #57 in the UK Albums chart.

About 47SOUL:

47SOUL is an Electro Arabic Dabke (Shamstep) band formed in Amman Jordan in 2013. The members are rooted in Bilad Al-Sham, spanning the divides from Amman to the Galilee to Ramallah and the rest of the Palestinian Diaspora. This new sound of 47SOUL has rapidly amassed fans in the Arab World and Europe by blasting the electric Arabic Dabke sound through underground music scenes. On top of the beats that have been bumping in the Arab World for centuries, 47SOUL hypes it up with analog synthesizers, hypnotic guitar lines, and shattering verses from the four singers.

About Dead Prez:

The Florida-based political rap duo Dead Prez consists of and M-1, a pair of rappers inspired by revolutionaries from Malcolm X to Public Enemy. They immersed themselves in political and social studies as they forged their own style of hip-hop. They went on to work with Big Punisher on his 1998 album Capital Punishment and released singles like 1998’s “Police State with Chairman Omali” and 1999’s “It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop.” Their debut album, Lets Get Free, was released in early 2000. A two-volume mixtape project — Turn off the Radio: The Mixtape, Vol. 1 and Turn off the Radio: The Mixtape, Vol. 2: Get Free or Die Tryin’ — followed in 2002 and 2003, boasting tracks and new productions, and their proper studio follow-up, RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta, appeared in 2004. Two years later the group collaborated with the three remaining members of the Outlawz for Can’t Sell Dope Forever, followed shortly after by Soldier 2 Soldier, a joint record between and Young Noble. 2009’s Pulse of the People, presented by DJ Green Lantern and technically the third volume in the Turn off the Radio series, was enlivened by appearances from Chuck D, Bun B, and Styles P.

About the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC):

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is a community of people working together for peace, equality, and justice and against racism, occupation, and colonisation. Together we are the biggest organisation in the UK dedicated to securing Palestinian human rights. PSC brings people from all walks of life together to campaign for Palestinian rights and freedom. We are united in our belief that Israel’s flouting of international law, continued military occupation of Palestine, and systematic discrimination against Palestinians is unacceptable; so together we are taking action. We are taking on corporations that profit from the occupation, our government that still refuses to hold Israel to account, and the media that does not report the truth. And we are building a mass movement for Palestine in the UK. We believe in people power. The more of us standing together, raising the call for justice and equality, the louder our voice. We know that united we can take on the might of governments, corporations, and the media – and we can win.

About Humanity 4 Palestine:

Humanity 4 Palestine is a project founded by the Human Act Foundation headquartered in Copenhagen. We aim to create a global movement and uprising for Palestine in support of their right for freedom, justice and equality. We want to lead by example. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of the Palestinian people, and just like them, we do not believe in giving up.

We are a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organisation. We are committed to inclusivity for everyone. Since the end of 2018, the Human Act Foundation gathered a group of Palestinians, activists, journalists, and scholars to initiate a global uprising together. Humanity 4 Palestine wants to gather every single person, organisation, institution and government, who stands for humanity to support the freedom of Palestinians. Join us.

]]> 0 Youngest Palestinian Child Prisoner Fri, 19 Jul 2019 11:05:05 +0000 Read More...

]]> Shadi Farrah is 16 years old and lives in Jerusalem. He was arrested in 2015 when he was 12 years old, accused of a stabbing attempt. He then spent the next three years at a juvenile detention centre.

In detention, 12-year-old Shadi was interrogated for eight hours at a time. He was refused visits from his parents for long periods, and was forced to take tranquilizers. He was kept in solitary confinement for five months.

Since his release, Shadi has had difficulty sleeping and a hard time concentrating in school. As he says:

“I feel like I have lost something… I was in 7th grade when they arrested me and I find it very hard to get back to a normal life and school.”

Humanity 4 Palestine is holding benefit events and fundraising around the world in order to support existing projects in Palestine that offer health and wellbeing programs for Palestinian children.

Among these projects is a program that offers Palestinian child prisoners peer to peer support and holistic healing from trauma through yoga and meditation.

Join Humanity 4 Palestine and stand with the Palestinian people’s right to a life of dignity and freedom.



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