Humanity for Palestine.

We're walking for a free Palestine and freedom for the Palestinian people.
We're walking to unite everyone who stands for human rights.
We demand freedom, justice and equality for all.

Stand with humanity

walk for palestine

The United Nations has deemed Gaza uninhabitable by 2020, and the Palestinians in the West Bank struggle every
day to get a peaceful night without being raided or abused by the illegal occupation in the land.
We want to break the silence and reform the humane treatment, that has been neglected for decades.

Join #humanity4palestine to grow this global movement, enjoining the world to stand with Palestine.

We welcome you, our family in humanity

You are most likely here because you care about humanity and you, like us, take injustice and abuse within
our human race personally. We salute you for being part of the responsible citizens of the globe. The bad
news that we receive daily can make us feel overwhelmed or even paralysed at times. But we are here to
remind you, that you can still make a difference. We invite you to take action by walking for Palestine
together with us.

Let's walk for freedom, justice and equality.

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It’s a global movement. Show up to your local walks & arrange your own.

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They’re fundraising events. We gather to create impact for continuous solidarity.

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